Engineers at Ceramet have developed G-METAL™, a material for use in demanding industrial environments. This technology greatly surpasses conventional products in the marketplace.

Self Lubricating

G-METAL™ material contains the maintenance free benefits of self lubricating sintered bronze/graphite. The concentrated micro dispersion of the graphite throughout the metallic matrix ensures consistent lubricating properties over the entire wear area of the part.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Whether used in wet or dry conditions, the material exudes a very low coefficient of friction. Higher loads increase the lubricating features and further reduce friction wear. G-METAL™ is suitable for oscillating, rotational, linear and micro movements as well as applications involving high edge pressure.

Extreme Conditions

Intended to withstand hot, harsh, and dirty environments, the material can also be used in seawater, radioactive areas and corrosive situations.

High Load Capacity

G-METAL™ can handle high static or dynamic loads.

Temperature Resistance

G-METAL™ can endure heat upwards of 650° C and temperatures as low as -50° C.

Machining Flexibility

Machining of the G-METAL™ material can be accomplished by conventional machine shop techniques. Drilling, turning, milling, tapping and grinding methods used for brass or bronze will apply to the G-METAL™ materials.

Environmentally Friendly

G-METAL™ uses a 99.7% clean and chemically neutral electrolyte that eliminates the potential for corrosion and assists in reducing cleanup costs. It requires no other operating lubrication, thus reducing pollution effects common with petroleum based greases and lubricants.

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