Self-Lubricating Taming friction and wear for smooth and efficient operation of your machines Learn More Plain Bearing & Friction Material Bushings Taming friction and wear for smooth & efficient operation of your machines Learn More Plates &
Guiding Elements
Taming friction and wear for smooth & efficient operation of your machines Learn More

Who We Are

Trusted Original Manufacturer Since 1965

Ceramet, trusted manufacturer of plain bearings, bushings, sliding plates and wear parts made of sintered self–lubricating material containing graphite as solid lubricant uniformly distributed throughout the metallic matrix. Ceramet, a well-known specialty powder metallurgy manufacturer, was founded in 1965 in Poland.

Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Their Best

Our supply chain is completely integrated. Starting from its own powder metallurgy manufacturing featuring a high efficiency state-of-the-art continuous sintering line the process is followed by an advanced CNC machining plant. The battery of computer-controlled milling machines, lathes, grinding centres, drilling and bending machines allow for variability and custom-designed production at its best.

Exclusively Focused on Metallic Sintered Parts

As unique as we are, less than handful of manufacturers may be proud of finding themselves exclusively in the business of metallic sintered self-lubricating parts. Our focused approach is providing us with competitive edge offering in-depth knowledge, expertise and know-how put in service of our customers recruiting from various parts of world and nearly every industry including wind and hydropower, steel, tire and rubber, food and beverage, oil and gas, marine, aerospace, and many more.

Fitting and Installation Facility

Besides our own metal compounds sintering and machining plants we run fitting and installation facility. When replacement parts need to be put in place proper tooling may not always be available. We are here to help with a range of inhouse presses and professional tooling extending lifetime of your critical parts and machines and maintaining warranty.


Why Choose Us

Custom made is our standard

We understand that your bearing requirements are special. Our team supports you with customer specific designs and a wide range of materials to make sure we provide the best technical and commercial solution.

Easy to deal with

Customer-first – We provide a personal and easy way of communication from initial inquiry to after-sales service. 

Reliable partner

Choosing the right partner for your bearing needs is a matter of trust. Consistency in product and service quality, loyalty and respect are our core values. We strive to be long term partners for our customers. We look back to decades of continuous development and reliable service for the industry.

Unique Know-How, Highest Quality Standards

We deploy our unique powder metallurgy recipes resulting from 55+ years of primary manufacturing experience and thousands of successful applications. Our know-how has been globally proved and verified in countless demanding industrial utilizations. By running our inhouse testing and control center and by applying rigorous test methods and procedures we are proud to guarantee committing only to projects that pass our internal certified quality management and assurance standards matching our customers’ needs and specifications.

Application Engineering Support

Our team of dedicated Application Engineers is ready to assist, consult and generate lifecycle predictions. Be it an existing part or needing replacing or upgrading originally lubricated plates, plastic coated components or even roller bearings. No commitment is required. If you need to consult or just check your best options, we are here to help. Feel free to consult our Application Engineers. Feel free to let us know your needs.